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Superfruit Diet Now Includes Garcinia Cambogia

The fat burning benefits of fruits like acai berry and african mango have been widely known for some time. More recently however, garcinia cambogia has been discovered to promote even more fat burning power for our metabolism. As you can see on, the benefits of these compounds have been discussed thoroughly on the popular television program Dr. Oz.

In an effort to educate people on their fat burning effects, Dr. Oz has provided professional insight into the metabolic changes these fruits provide. The combination of these powerful fat burning compounds have been combined to produce the new superfruit diet.

Weight loss enthusiasts everywhere are well aware that many fad diets come and go. The superfruit diet is actually backed by real research as well as being created from ingredients applauded by Dr. Oz, who is well known for his highly objective and critical views of misinformed health practices.

Although they’ve all been endorsed by a reputable expert and backed by scientific studies, it’s understandable that today’s consumers need in-depth information on any prospective diet plan or supplements. You have to realize too, that superfruit diets are not entirely new.

The discovery of raspberry ketone’s metabolic activity is one of the latest advancements in superfruit research. This particular fruit compound has been found to work differently than previously used fruits like acai berry. While all ingredients within the superfruit diet are beneficial, the addition of raspberry ketone and garcinia extract provide a more universal approach.

It is unique in that it directly promotes the burning of belly fat on any body type. This universal target of abdominal fat adds exactly what many individuals have been lacking. While garcinia itself is a huge advancement in superfruit reasearch, it’s important to remember that every ingredient plays a crucial role in weight loss success.

Dr. Oz has supported the use of every compound included in the super fruit diet for specific reasons. The most well known of these is acai berry which suppresses appetite, increases metabolism and fat burning. This makes it an all around balanced supplement. Lesser known fruits such as the african mango provide additional hunger supressing benefits. Another important addition to the superfruit diet is not actually a fruit at all…

Green coffee extract. It has been added because of its ability to reduce the absorption of the fats you consume. Dr. Oz has discussed the benefits of green coffee extract quite extensively on his show because of this very reason.

These highly beneficial ingredients combined with the newly discovered fat burning power of raspberry ketone make the superfruit diet a powerful tool for successful weight loss.

By promoting appetite suppression, reduced fat absorption and increased fat burning, the superfruit diet is likely to become much more than just a passing diet fad. With the endorsement Dr. Oz and its proven ability to promote weight loss, the superfruit diet is here to stay.