Membership Benefits

Why is RTDNA Membership Important?

RTDNA represents electronic journalists in radio, television, and all digital media, as well as journalism educators and students.  Our members are news directors, producers, reporters, anchors, general managers, professors, students, industry suppliers, operations managers, and digital content managers.  RTDNA members benefit from publications, training, advocacy and many opportunities to network with colleagues. An RTDNA membership says you're concerned about First Amendment issues, Freedom of Information issues, ethics in reporting, developing coverage guidelines, implementing technology and many other news industry issues.  Our members help shape the future of our profession and we protect their interests by advocating on their behalf.

There are so many benefits to being an RTDNA member. Here are just a few:  

Excellence in Journalism Conference

On September 4-6, 2014. RTDNA, the largest association of electronic journalists, again joins forces with the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) to create the Excellence in Journalism Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. More than a partnership; it will be a gathering of professional journalists with shared interests. Come network with us and get great training from thought leaders from across the country.

Your Voice in Washington

RTDNA is your advocate, both on the national and local levels. We work to preserve First Amendment freedoms, lead the fight for electronic access to courtrooms, oppose government efforts to control program content, and address important ethical issues facing the industry.  You can rest assured that your ability to do your job will always be protected. 

Education and Reporting Resources

RTDNA and RTDNF are constantly seeking out and delivering information and resources to help journalists do their jobs better. RTDNA produces educational seminars at regional and national conferences to update members on industry relevant trends, topics and resources. On a weekly basis, in conjunction with the National Endowment for Financial Education, RTDNA updates its Money Matters section, designed to provide journalists with tools, resources and story ideas for financial reporting. And, on a daily basis, RTDNA is happy to communicate with its members via the RTDNA Daily Communicator, an email newsletter geared at keeping the membership informed with top stories, industry headlines and newsroom best practices.

We’ve revamped our website so it is the go-to resource for everything affecting the world of electronic journalism.  Featuring videos, blogs, member news and industry news, is a great resource for your newsroom.  It’s packed with articles on ethical decision making, legal issues you might encounter covering the news, best practices, coverage guidelines, breaking news guidelines and a constantly updated Membership directory, which is available only to RTDNA members.

Edward R. Murrow Awards

RTDNA honors professional achievements in electronic journalism through a number of prestigious awards, scholarships, fellowships and internship programs.  The largest and most esteemed program is the Edward R. Murrow Awards.  Given out in 15 categories and awarded since 1971, the Murrow Awards honor outstanding achievements in electronic journalism.  The winners are toasted at the Murrow Awards Dinner in New York every October.  Murrow Award recipients demonstrate the excellence that Edward R. Murrow created as a standard in the electronic news profession.



RTDNA membership guarantees you access to the latest industry research-tracking trends in news profitability, Internet use, newsroom salaries, newsroom staffing, women and minorities in the newsroom, habits of the local television news audience, radio usage and more. 

Professional Development and Networking

RTDNA members get discounts on registration fees to RTDNF workshops. The workshops—covering ethics and news decision making, leadership, newsroom diversity, news content and issues, international journalism and journalism education—help you face the challenges of today and prepare for the changes of tomorrow.   Not only will you learn to improve your newsgathering skills, you’ll meet people that will help you find that next big opportunity. 

RTDNA addresses your individual needs as an electronic journalist.  Membership creates valuable connections to help you get ahead and gives you the chance to have your finger on the pulse of everything that is going on in the news community.  You can network with colleagues to brainstorm, discuss ethics and determine the direction of the electronic news industry.  What do you need in your newsroom?  Assistance with HR matters?  Legal matters?  Struggling with a tough coverage issue?  FOI matter? RTDNA offers its members assistance with this and more.  The most important resource in your newsroom, RTDNA not only defends your rights as a journalist, it represents the news industry as a whole.