Getting Rid of Belly Fat with Meratrim

In a recent television production starring Dr. Oz, he has revealed a revolutionary weight loss supplement called Metatrim. This supplement works by blocking the body’s desire to store fat, it helps to burn fat after meals, and it boosts a body’s metabolism to burn calories faster. This miracle pill containing the herb sphaeranthus indicus and the flower Garcinia Mangostana offers triple the effect of fat burning capabilities of the body.

The doctor has stated that this revolutionary supplement Metatrim comes complete with an easy to follow 3 step plan. Step one is to take the Metatrim fat-blocking pills. Step 2 is to double the individuals protein intake to burn more calories, and step 3 is to drink pomegranate vinegar before and after meals.

Step one of the meratrim program involves taking the pill that is infused with the fat fighting properties of the herb sphaeranthus indicus and the flower Garcinia Mangostana. This supplement helps the body to more efficiently burn unwanted calories faster and more easily than without them. There is nothing more simple than ingesting a small pill that will encourage such great weight loss results.

Step two continues with the practice of taking in double the amount of protein that is normally ingested at every meal. By substituting the carbohydrates that are normally eaten with proteins will force the body to burn more calories. Examples of food combinations include a protein and yogurt, a meat protein and green salad, or a meat and cheese combination for instance.

The final step of this 3 step process is simple and easy. To prevent the blood sugar spikes that naturally occur after eating it is essential that the subject injest a specified amount of pomegranate vinegar. This may be mixed with water or taken in its origional form.

Although the best way to ingest the needed vegetables and vitamins is directly through food intake, most people do not get enough vegetables or high-quality proteins to fill their needs from normal daily diet alone. This system has shown that women lost an average of 3 pounds and three inches off of their waists in the second part of this supplement plan. It is suggested that a daily multivitamin be taken each day, 400mg of Metatrim before breakfast and dinner, walk 30 minutes, and to limit daily calorie intake to 2,000 calories a day for a healthy and successful weight loss plan.